Esports community urges PESO to resolve row on ESGS NBA2K League

Countryside Entertainment, Inc. (CEI), a pioneer organizer of online basketball tournaments in the Philippines, recently urged for a resolution on the selection process for the team that would represent the Philippines in the NBA2K Asia Pacific qualifying round in the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS). 

CEI advocates for local esports teams to be given a chance to participate in the selection process and—alongside several esports players—expressed their interest to join the said tournament to go up against teams from China, Hongkong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. 

CEI called on the Philippine Esports Organization (PESO) to provide a qualifying round prior to the ESGS, and urged PESO to allow the best players to qualify and form a strong league to represent the country in the premier online basketball event on November 20-21, 2021

In a statement, CEI urged PESO “to step in and find out as to why there were no qualifiers among many esports teams in the country that would have selected the top players and best representation for the Philippines.”

CEI emphasized that holding a qualifying round would give more esports leagues the chance to advance to the world championships that will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. 

CEI—along with other esports organizations—enjoins the PESO to empower more Filipino gamers to bring pride to the country through esports. 

With the growing popularity and success of local esports leagues across the gaming scene, opportunities for players to qualify and represent the Philippines in international competitions is a step in the right direction to uplift the entire esports industry. 

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