A look at the Nike NBA 75th Anniversary City Edition jerseys

As the NBA’s 75th Anniversary season begins (and with the WNBA’s historic 25th season having recently concluded), basketball is accelerating into the future and inviting more and more fans across the world into the game, whether it’s under the bright lights of an arena or in the driveway of a neighborhood pickup game.

Nike’s partnership with the NBA, which began in 2017, has helped move the needle of hoops culture forward, especially through creative expression on the court. Nowhere is this clearer than through Nike NBA City Edition, the annual uniform construct that explores how a city’s zip code influences its core basketball fandom, and vice versa.

This year, the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition uniforms use both time and place as inspirations, highlighting some of the unforgettable moments across each franchise, from expansions to player performances to club titles. The result: a threaded fingerprint of team heritage, balanced out by details from different eras.

By using thoughtful design as a way of genuinely listening to the basketball community, Nike and the NBA are creating new touch points of hoops culture that celebrate the game’s bright future.

For more info on the jerseys’ designs, visit Nike.com.

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